April 1998 Started operations mainly as a digital contents delivery business
July 2000 Listed on Nasdaq Japan (now the JASDAQ market of Tokyo Stock Exchange)
December 2000 Started product sales at major convenience stores
November 2004 Start of distribution of "Hanryu Now!“ and Korean contents delivery business launched
April 2005 First broadcast of Korean TV drama “SAD LOVE STORY” on Fuji TV and launch of Rights Business
August 2006 Start of SONG SEUNG HEON Official Fan Club and KIM RAE WON Official Fan Club, and launch of Fan Club Business
March 2007 SONG SEUNG HEON JAPAN FAN MEETING 2007 held at Saitama Super Arena and Event Business launched on a full scale
August 2008 Start of operations of the Company's own e-commerce site “bofi” (now “DATVshopping”) and Merchandising Business launched on a full scale
May 2009 Merger with BOF International, Inc. and launch of Management Business
October 2009 Start of broadcasting by the Company's own TV station “DATV” on SKY PerfecTV! and launch of CS Broadcasting Business
First broadcast of the animation “WINTER SONATA”
June 2010 Concluded a management contract with Kim Hyun Joong
August 2010 Launch of DATV’s charity project “HOHOEMI PROJECT, Smiles for all Asian children! And hope for life!”
December 2010 Live public recording event of charity program “Message! to Asia” in event held at Tokyo Dome as a project by “HOHOEMI PROJECT”
August 2011 Kim Hyun Joong’s premium talking and live performance event for "Playful Kiss" in Tokyo and Osaka to support reconstruction after the Great East Japan Earthquake
October 2011 “Dream High,” a Korean drama broadcast on DATV, won the SKY PerfecTV! Grand Prize and the SKY PerfecTV! Prize for Korean & Chinese Genres at the 2011 SKY PerfecTV! Awards
November 2011 Launch of Kim Hyun Joong’s official Japanese website “HENECIA JAPAN”
May 2013 Sold the Group company that ran the digital contents delivery business and narrowed down the Company's area of business to the entertainment business
December 2013 “SHUFFLE AUDITION SEASON 2,” a popular program broadcast on DATV, won the Prize for Emotionally Moving Program at the 2013 SKY PerfecTV! Awards
February 2014 “BEE SHUFFLE,” a five person Japan-Korea boy group, made their major debut with “Welcome to the Shuffle!!”
July 2014 Started capital participation into KNTV Co., Ltd. and said company became a Group company
February 2016 Concluded merger contract with KNTV Co., Ltd.
May 2016 Merged with KNTV Co., Ltd., and the Company's own TV stations were organized into “KNTV” and “DATV”
September 2016 S.M.ENTERTAINMENT JAPAN started capital participation
January 2018 Launch of “Kchan! Hanryu TV” and start of Linear Distribution Business
January 2019 Changed the company name to Stream Media Corporation.
May 2020 Concluded merger contract with SMEJ, INC.
August 2020 Merged with SMEJ, INC.
March 2023 As Kakao Co., Ltd. became the largest shareholder of SM Entertainment Co., Ltd., our company became a subsidiary of Kakao Group.